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National Mathematical Centre, Kwali, Abuja

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The library was established to among others promote research in Mathematical sciences by providing relevant textbooks and learned journals required for cutting edge research. Consequently, Researchers in the Mathematical sciences nation-wide visit the Centre in order to use available facilities for research. By section 5 (b) and 6(b) of the National Mathematical Centre Act, the National Mathematical Centre is required, amongst other functions to:

i.                    Create a resource Centre to serve national and international communities as a focal point for advance research and training in mathematical sciences and applications.

ii.                   Establish and maintain a library comprising such books, journals, records, reports and other publications and information systems as may be required for the discharge of the functions conferred on the Centre by this Decree.

The mission of the Library is to create and develop an excellent resource centre of international standing, to serve both national and international communities for advanced research and training in Mathematics and the mathematical sciences and their applications.

The Centre Library consists of two major categories of staff, namely, academic staff (Librarians) and non-academic staff (Library Officers).

The Centre Library is made up of four (4) Units, namely,

i.                    Librarian office (Administration)

ii.                  Cataloguing and Classification

iii.                Reader Services

iv.                Serials


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The National Mathematical Centre Abuja was established by the Federal Government of Nigeria on January 1, 1988 although the decree (Decree No. 40) giving it a legal backing as a corporate body with perpetual succession and a common seal, was not promulgated until December 12, 1989.