The Bursary department performs the financial management and accounting functions of the Centre. The Bursar is the Chief Finance Officer of the Centre and the Head of Bursary. He is responsible for the day to day Financial Administration of the Centre and reports directly to the Director and Chief Executive of the Centre. The Director/Chief Executive is the Chief Accounting Officer.

Main Objectives of the Bursary

To render excellent financial management services that will enable the NMC Management take best decisions which will ensure transparent and proper accountability to the FGN and maximum satisfaction of all interested parties in the NMC project.

Overall functions of the Bursary

  1. Keeping of good financial records and production of Financial Statements for Audit purposes and Management decisions.
  2. Safeguarding and maintaining proper records of the Centre’s fixed Assets.
  3. Financial planning (Budgeting and Budgetary Control)
  4. Payment of salaries and pensions and settlement of financial claims.
  5. Cash and Banking Services.
  6. Store keeping and Administration.
  7. Tax and Tax Administration.
  8. Staff training and Development
  9. Financial advisory duties to the Chief Executive, and Management.
  10. Financial returns to regulatory bodies such as the National Assembly, FME, NUC, office of Auditor General for the Federation, office of Accountant General of the Federation, etc.
  11. Fund Generation
  12. Design and maintenance of the accounting system.