Professor Benjamin Oyediran OYELAMI

Professor of Mathematics

Area of Specialization: Impulsive Systems, Modelling and Simulation

Current Areas of Research: Impulsive systems, modelling and Simulation of Financial,    pollution and medically related problems.

Email: boyelami2000@yahoo.com



The Academic Planning is a Unit established to collate, manage, and interpret data to guide the Academic development of the Centre and to ensure compliance with the NUC’s Minimum Academic Standards.


It was the sincere aspiration of the founders of National Mathematical Centre (NMC) that the Centre attains and maintains a sustainable centre of excellence status. The major assignmentof APU is to see that Centre’s programmes are stirred toward realising this noble goal.

The Academic planning Unit is the power house for proving accurate information to the Centre’s Management for decision making.The Unit,among other functions, ensures that the Training, Research, Students Talent Hunts and outreach activities of Centre are creative and Academic Programmes excellent.

Furthermore, It is also the goal of the Unit to ensurethat the Researchers at Centre are scholarly, interdisciplinary, innovative and richly enough as to provide pathway for breakthrough achievements. Moreover, ensures that the Centre provided conducive environment for Teaching, Learning and Research by providing library resources and computing facilities to staff, participants and visiting scientists to the Centre.


  1. Projections of participants’ figures, corresponding staff strength and distribution of participants according to state of origin and sex for the various programmes.
  2. Preparation of the Centre’s calendar  for stable service delivery;
  3. Initiating the review of academic projects and activities in line with trends in the academic world as well as working with programmes to prepare, review and monitor their academic plans and identify areas for and potential development;
  4. Coordinating the preparation of Academic Brief, Academic Plan and guiding Programmes of the Centre on the operations of the Academic Brief;
  5. Periodic analysis of performance evaluation of academic programmes;
  6. Analysis of participants’ enrolment figures and ensuring compliance with the laid down guidelines;
  7. Feasibility studies for the establishment of new Unit(s)/Project(s);
  8. Use of data collected for making projections and advising the Centre as appropriate;
  9. Maintaining data base on participants and staff statistics for use in planning, budgeting and other requirements;
  10. Periodic statistics to bodies like Federal Ministry of Education and National Manpower Board, Statistics output to individual researcher on demand.



  1. The Academic Planning Unit in consultation with the Director/Chief Executive of the Centre developed development plan for the period of 2016-2021. This plan will be subset of the Centre’s Strategic plan.
  2. The Unit is working together with the Registry department of the Centre to product the Centre’s Handbook and Annual report for 2017.
  3. The Centre is one of the Centres of Excellence of Commission on Science and Technology for Sustainable Development in the South (COMSATS).The Unit compiled the Centre ‘Annual Report which was submitted to the 20th COMSATS Coordinating Council Meeting of held in Cairo Egypt on 14-15 May 2017.