The mandate of the National Mathematical Centre are:

  • Train and develop high-level personnel in mathematical sciences, including mathematics, statistics, computer science and theoretical physics, for Nigerian and African institutions;
  • Create a resource center to serve national and international communities as a focal point for advanced research and training in mathematical sciences and applications;
  • Enhance collaboration among mathematical scientists, especially between young Nigerian scientists, and other advanced and experienced scientists from within and outside Nigeria;
  • Identify and encourage young talents in mathematical sciences;
    Stimulate enthusiasm for the physical sciences in young Nigerian students and scholars;
  • Prepare Nigeria for a leading role in mathematical sciences;
    Attract good mathematical scientists from all over the world into the service of Nigeria;
  • Encourage and support activities leading to the improvement of the teaching and learning of mathematical sciences at all levels;
  • Provide facilities for scientific conferences and the publication of the proceedings arising therefrom;
  • Tackle national set goals in the development of ma thematical sciences;
  • Conduct series of specialized lectures or courses, for the purpose of upgrading postgraduate students in the field of mathematical sciences to a level where they can begin to understand research papers and seminars;
  • Conduct series of research lectures for advanced postgraduate as well as post-doctoral and other participants, based on a se t of pre-assigned research papers, with the objective of generating questions that would be collated, discussed and used to deter mine new research directions for the participants;
  • Conduct seminars, workshops and symposia in such areas as the Academic Board of the Centre may, from time to time, determine or plan;
  • Establish and execute a visiting programme for mathematical scientists, under which ma thematical scientists can visit the Centre for short periods, to work on their individual research problems using the Library, Computing and other facilities of the Centre; and
  • Perform such other functions that are related to those set out in this section and do such other things as are, in the opinion of the Council, necessary or expedient for carrying out the functions of the Centre under this Act.