Mental Arithmetic Project

Mental Arithmetic Project (MAP)

Mathematics is viewed by most Nigerians as one ofthe most difficult subjects. On the contrary, this is not true. The issue has been the approach. The methodoloyg of the delivery has made the subject look very  abstract.

It is against this  back drop that NMC embarked on a five-year research into some of the factors responsible for the recent domination of the world of mathematics by the Chinese. The study revealed that an average Chinese pupil is at home with mathematics. What is the key? The Chinese Abacus.

It may also interest you to know that the Abacus Mental Arithmetic enbles a child to develop both right and left brains by adopting “Both hands in manipulating the Abacus”. Through the lessons learnt, the children will be able to build up self-confidence and concentration during examinations any form of competition. They will become self-motivated and fall in love with their studies. Instead of being sluggish and of low esteem or negligent, they will be more attentive and well absorbed in their studies.

We have trained in their thousands with special cases of low academic performance especially in Mathematics in the past four years and have seen tremendous improvement in their mental abilities through the instrumentality of this great magic wand called “Mental Arithmetic”. In just two weeks, a student who has been classified as a slow learner suddenly begins to catch up in class. All of a sudden, students are found to be very bold, very vocal and develop an unquenchable desire for their studies. Their performances in the examinations have been positively affected, most especially in Mathematics and Mathematical sciences