Mathematics Science Education Programme

The Mathematical Sciences Education Programme of the Centre was established in 1990. The central focus of the Mathematical Sciences Education Programme is the area of improvement of the teaching and learning of mathematics at all levels of the education system. The major activities of the department include; creation and use of teaching aids for teaching, popularization of the mathematics through various strategies including curriculum improvement, innovative and creative teaching methods.

The two Units of the Programme are:

  • Mathematics Education Unit and
  • Mathematical Sciences Education Unit. stakeholders.

Training and Research Activities:
• Mathematics Improvement Project (MIP)

  • Mental Arithmetic Project (MAP)
  • Development of innovative teaching materials

Mathematics Laboratory
The Centre has the responsibility of developing teaching models, workbooks, textbooks, mathematical games, video, audio tapes, etc. and conduct workshops on how to effectively use these instructional materials to achieve the Centre’s mandate. It has the task of achieving the following objectives: –

  1. Demystifying the teaching and learning of mathematics at all levels of education.
  2. Disabusing the fallacy that mathematics is abstract.

iii. Making mathematics practical and real

  1. training teachers on new innovations
  2. Introduces students’ games and how to play the games
  3. In an effort to further demystify mathematics, mathematics laboratories were introduced where students perform experiments to make mathematics real to them.

vii. Mathematics Kits were introduced into the laboratories to further make the subject real and familiar.

viii. Reducing tension and boredom;

  1. Review of variety of mathematical skills to reinforce specific ones;
  2. Generation of interest and excitement about learning mathematics,
  3. Improvement of study habit, and

xii. The development of positive attitudes toward mathematics.