National Mathematical Centre and Universal Services Provision Fund (USPF) Collaborates

The National Mathematical Centre and Universal Services Provision Fund, USPF are working together to find areas of collaboration to improve the teaching learning and research in Mathematics and Mathematical Sciences.
This was the outcome of a meeting between the Management of both establishments in Abuja.
The Director/Chief Executive of the National Mathematical Centre, Prof. Promise Mebine who the team of NMC to the Fund informed the USPF Management of the Centre’s readiness to work with Fund in developing and improving digital content of the Mathematics lessons based on the Centre’s Digital Mathematics Network, DIMANET platform.
This, he said, is to reduce the perceived phobia and difficulties in the study of mathematics and the mathematical sciences.
Prof Mebine further stated that the DIMANET platform would improve the quality of the teaching and learning of mathematics and make the study of the subject interesting and easy thereby simplying complex concepts which hitherto make the study of the subject difficult.
Earlier, the Executive Secretary of USPF, Ayuba Shaibu had disclosed that the Fund with an Information Technology, IT local content project with which it teaches school subjects especially WAEC based subjects to students.
Represented by Dr Olubunmi Bamijoko, he pointed out that USPF learning platform covers secondary school subjects which are intended to assist students do well in public examinations.
He therefore expressed the preparedness of the Fund to work together with the National Mathematical Centre to develop the content of mathematics on the local content platform..

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