Olympiads First stage results

Unveiling Excellence: Olympiads First Stage Results Finally Revealed

The National Mathematical Centre is proud to announce the release of the results for the first stage of the National Olympiads Competition. After weeks of rigorous competition and months of grading, the moment that students, educators, and enthusiasts eagerly awaited has finally arrived.

The Olympiads is not just a competition; it’s a community-building endeavor that brings together enthusiastic students from diverse backgrounds. The release of the first stage results is a shared moment of pride for educators, parents, and everyone who has contributed to the growth and development of these budding scientists.

As the results are disseminated, a collective congratulations resounds for every participant who embraced the challenge of the Olympiads’ first stage. Whether the journey continues to subsequent rounds or becomes a stepping stone for future endeavors, each participant is applauded for their resilience and commitment to the pursuit of excellence across the five major subjects.

The unveiling of the Olympiads first stage results is more than a revelation of scores; it’s a celebration of the journey, a recognition of individual and collective efforts, and a testament to the enduring spirit of curiosity and academic excellence. As the Olympiads community looks forward to the next stages, the echoes of achievement from the first stage will undoubtedly resonate, inspiring future generations of mathematical scientists.

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    JESHCAN MONTESSORI INTERNATIONAL SCHOOL in Rivers State would love to be notified of the next Olympiad competition so we could participate.

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